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Explainer Video: Worm Resistance in Horses

Explainer Video: Worm Resistance in Horses

Explainer Video: Worm Resistance in Horses

Wormer resistance in horses poses a huge threat to the health and well-being of our horses.

An Australian study published in 2005, predominantly in Queensland showed that there was indeed resistance developing to ML (mectin-based) wormers in some areas to add to the already well known resistance in BZ wormers.  It is not an overseas issue but one very close to home.

But how does resistance to horse wormers occur?  This short - 2 minute video shows exactly how it occurs and what we can do to slow resistance to safely manage the worm burdens in horses. Feel free to share amongst your friends.

ML resistance in small strongyles is just around the corner unless we begin to change our practices  for worm management.

  • There are no new drug classes under development. We need our ML’s to remain effective for as long as possible.
  • Evidence-based, targeted and strategic approaches to worm control are absolutely essential to delaying the onset of resistance.

EasyWormer offers a Fecal Egg Count Service and a Combination Fecal Egg Count & Worner Program for people that are keen to practice Evidence Based Worming in their Worm Control Program.

Example Rotational Worm Control Programs from EasyWormer

Credit of course to English company Westgate Laboratories for producing such a super video that makes it easy to understand.


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