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Dont get dizzy rotating horse wormers!

Dont get dizzy rotating horse wormers!

Dont get dizzy rotating horse wormers!

Rotational worming - dosing horses with different classes of worming active ingredients in rotation is often recommended for controlling worms. The theory is by using all of the available useful worming drug classes in Australia, the benefits are a maximally effective program.

The two worming drug classes available in Australia for horses are ‘mectin’ and ‘BZ’ classes. Because these are limited, it is thought using both classes helps preserve their effectiveness – BZ may not be effective on worm type-A,  but the next rotation means using mectin, which may be effective on worm-type A.  

In Australia, common mectin based wormers include: Equimax, Equimex, Evolve, Ammo, Eraquell, MecWorma, Imax Gold, Equitak Excel, Promectin and Noromectin.   Evolve and MecWorma are the ONLY products made in Australia and owned by Australian companies.

Common BZ wormers include Revolve, Strategy T, Ammo Rotational, Fensolve, Panacur & Worma.  Revolve and Worma are the only two Australian made & owned products.

In addition an mectin wormer combined with the wormer drug praziquantel product controls more species and stages of equine parasites than any other equine wormer, including small strongyles (adults, including those resistant to some BZ class compounds).  Brand names of Mectin/Praziquantal products include Evolve, Equimax, Equest and Imax Gold.   The AAEP recommends using a wormer that contains an ingredient such as praziquantel, that kills tapeworms at least once a year.

Several multinational makers of wormers have produced worming rotation charts, however they are brand specific, often confusing and many people think swapping from one brand of wormer to another is rotating drug classes – when it is not.

To take the hassle out of rotation, EasyWormer provides rotational worming programs with in-built rotation between mectin/praziquantel wormer Evolve and BZ class wormer Revolve at strategic times throughout the year.  You can read more about our programs here.

EasyWormer recommends a fecal egg count before and after worming to determine the effectiveness of wormers and the level of resistance (if any) on your property and to consult your veterinarian before undertaking any worming program.


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