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How Often Should I Worm My Horse?

Stage of Life Worming Programs

Foal | Broodmare | Young Horse under 3 | Older Horse Over 20

Choose the worming program for stage of of your horse's life. (first row)


Risk of Worm Burden Worming Programs

Mature Horse 3-19 years

Choose a rotational worming program based on the risk of worm burden for your horse. (second row) Don't know your risk? Visit this page to help you choose. 


Evidence Based Worming Programs

Fecal Egg Count

We recommend a fecal egg count (FEC) to determine your individual horse and property's needs. Download the FEC kit, send us a sample, receive a FEC and choose the appropriate worming program.

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EasyWormer suggested worming programs have been developed from the following references:

  • The American Association of Equine Practitioner (AAEP) parasite control guidelines (2013)
  • NSW Department of Primary Industries Primefacts – Worm control in horses (2010)
  • RIRDC Macrocyclic Lactone Resistance on Australian Horse Farms (2015)
  • U-Vet Equine Centre Werribee Deworming Horses June 2017