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About Us

Hello and thanks for visiting EasyWormer.

My name is Sam Hain and I started EasyWormer to help the Australian equine community manage their worming programs.

I am concerned about the future for our horses, with growing worm resistance and a lack of understanding around what to do about it. And, like many other people, my busy life means horse worming sometimes falls through the gap.

I am also frustrated at the domination of international players in the Aussie wormer market.

I thought a subscription-based service using rotational programs with Aussie made and owned wormers could help solve these problems.

100% small business

Backbone of regional Australia


girl power!

Sounds better than broiler power!

two friends passionate about horses with a couple of skills have a go!


Where relationships count


We use Kelato wormers Evolve and Revolve exclusively because of their quality credentials and because they are Australian-made by a great, Australian-owned team who share our values. We are not a 'front' for Kelato; their only interest in EasyWormer is that we do well.

We use the skills of qualified equine nutritionists to develop the worming programs and my colleague Chris (left in this photo), a scientist at CSU, does the fecal egg counts. Our local assisted employment centre, Wangarang, packages the product to send, and 50 cents from every tube of wormer purchased goes to charities nominated by our subscribers.

Encouraging friends to sign up earns FREE wormers, postage is FREE for 2+ wormers, and we have quantity pricing discounts to make the program more economical. What’s not to like?

If this strikes a chord with you, I encourage you to join us and help shake things up a little!

About Chris  (the scientist)

A graduate of LaTrobe Uni, Chris has over 20 years scientific laboratory experience including research projects on anthrax diagnostics, 8 years in NATA accredited veterinary diagnostics labs testing for export and domestic clearances, and 7 years in clinical health. Currently horseless, Chris is discovering the joys of home ownership which unlike the capital cities is affordable in the regions! 

About Sam  (the marketer) 

Since graduating from James Ruse Agricultural High School and UNSW, Sam has gained extensive experience in food, wine and vet pharmaceutical marketing. Moving to Orange ten years ago, she set up Regional Integrated Marketing. Having formerly ridden at Grand Prix level dressage, she is back at the bottom of the totem pole with a talented but recalcitrant young warmblood that she can finally stay on!

We making worming simple

Worming horses.  You choose the program.  We do the work.

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