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EasyWormer Terms and Conditions

The REALLY important items

These points are included in the full terms below. We've highlighted the REALLY IMPORTANT items here

By subscribing to an EasyWormer worming program you are agreeing to all conditions set out below


EasyWormer is a wormer subscription service. We deliver until you tell us not to. 
You can adjust your subscription at any time. There is no minimum term. 

You will receive an email about your upcoming subscription shipment 14 days before despatch.

The cut-off for subscription adjustments (number of horses, pauses, cancellations, order restarts, address and box type changes) is 7 days prior to due despatch of your order.

You can adjust your program by:

To keep costs down which we pass onto you and our charity partners we don’t have phone support at this stage.


  • A delivery fee of $7.30 applies for shipments of single wormers. Two or more wormers per shipment are delivered free.
  • You first order may have more than one wormer. However due to different program timing for type of horse, your next subscription shipment may only include one wormer. If this is the case you will be subject to the delivery fee for that shipment.
  • You must live in our delivery area to order.
  • Delivery times vary by location. If you will not be at the delivery address during normal business hours please leave specific delivery instructions on the checkout page for our couriers to follow.
  • Ownership of the products will transfer to you once we have delivered in accordance with your delivery instructions and received payment in full.
  • We will try to accommodate, but cannot guarantee, special delivery requests.
  • If a re-delivery is required at an alternative time through no fault of EasyWormer or our courier partners an additional fee may be charged.
  • A delivery surcharge may apply in some areas.


Received a custom worming program from your veterinarian?  Please contact us at info@easywormer.com.au to see how we can assist you with a customised subscription


A faecal egg count (FEC) measures the number of strongyle worm eggs in a sample of manure. The results represent an estimate of the concentration of worms eggs in the manure sample submitted to the lab. FEC do not detect immature stages of strongyle parasites, tapeworms, bots or other non-strongyle internal parasites. The FEC will not discriminate between large and small strongyle worms.

FEC test results are not always well correlated with total parasite burden, particularly in mature animals. This is because a large proportion of worms in a horse may be immature stages of the life cycle that do not produce eggs. As the horse develops immunity to worms, egg production of adult worms is reduced.

Fecal Egg Count test results do not provide a "diagnosis" or exclusion of worm related disease when used in isolation. EasyWormer does not provide a diagnostic service or specific advice relating to the diagnosis, treatment and/or prevention of worm related disease in an individual horse.

Your veterinarian is the only person who can examine your horse and consider FEC test results in combination with clinical findings, treatment history and the results of any other testing that they have done to support a diagnosis of worm related disease. 


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