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Fecal Egg Count

Evidence Based Worming

Administering a wormer every 6-8 weeks per the pack instructions is a thing of the past.  Over the last 50 years this practice has lead to widespread resistance of several horse worms to common wormer ingredients.  And, with no new worming ingredients on the horizon its time to re-think how we worm.

It is indeed time for evidence-based worming. 

Basing a worming program on fecal egg counts allows each horse an individualised worming schedule. It not only benefits the horse but can also save you money by reducing the number of wormers you need to use each year.

Fecal Egg Counts

Fecal egg counts determine the number of eggs 'shed' in the manure, measured by eggs per gram (ecg).

Low 'shedders' shed less than 200 epg and only need two worming treatments a year.  Some studies have shown that these are the majority of horses. 

High 'shedders' shed greater that 500 epg, they require more worming treatments.  Research has shown they represent only 20% of the horse population.

EasyWormer provide a Fecal Egg Count (FEC) service from our lab in Orange, NSW.  Purchase a FEC on this website, download the instructions, send into us and we will email you a report and worming program by horse for your consideration.

Fecal Egg Count

We have an easy to use individual FEC and also FEC's incorporated into annual worm control programs, combined also with regular worming. Click the service title to learn more about each service.

Worming programs for Fecal Egg Test results

Once you've have your fecal egg count results you can select from the following programs