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How often should I worm my horse?

The number of time you should worm your horse each year in Australia depends upon several factors. At EasyWormer we offer worming programs to suit most horses - all you pay for is the wormers and/or fecal egg counts -that's it. The right wormers arrive when its time to worm, no calendar dates or reminders, we do all that work for you! Take our quiz to narrow down the worm control programs that may be suitable for your horse.


Stage of Life 
Worming Programs

Foal | Broodmare | Young Horse < 3yrs | Older Horse 20+ years.

Horse worming programs based on the stage of your horse's life.
(first row).

Risk of Worm Burden Worming Programs 

Mature Horse 3-19 years

Rotational horse worming program based on the risk of worm burden for your horse. (second row) Risk changes according to horse husbandry practices

FEC & Wormer
Worm Control Program

Fecal Egg Count + Wormers

Suitable for mature (3-19 yrs) horses and as suggested by the NSW DPI for grazing horses.  Scheduled FEC and worming events throughout the year 

A: Stage of Life Horse Worming Programs

C: Combined Fecal Egg Count & Wormer Worm Control Program 

This is general information only and as all horses are different and we recommend you consult you veterinarian before commencing any worming program to determine the suitablity for your individual horse.

* The only way worm burden can be determined is through a Fecal Egg Count.

These programs were put together based on many different sources including:
•    The American Association of Equine Practitioner (AAEP) parasite control guidelines (2013)
•    NSW Department of Primary Industries Primefacts – Worm control in horses (2010)
•    RIRDC Macrocyclic Lactone Resistance on Australian Horse Farms (2015)
•    U-Vet Equine Centre Werribee Deworming Horses June 2017
•    NSW Department of Primary Industries 'Worm Control In Horses - General Principle's (2017)