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At EasyWormer you don't pay for a program - you pay only for the wormers or fecal egg counts you use in your program.

We use Evolve mectin/praziquantal wormer from Kelato (equiv to Equimax LV), and Revolve BZ wormer from Kelato (equiv to Strategy-T).  Both wormers are Australian made and importantly Australian owned.

In our programs both wormers are priced at $19.95 - but from 3 horses onwards you get a volume discount - down to $16.95 for 10+ horses in EasyWormer Programs.  We encourage you to google both Evolve and Revolve wormers (and even Equimax LV and Strategy T) to see how competitively we are priced.

Price breaks are as follows:

1-2 horses: $19.95 per wormer

3-4 horses: $17.95 per wormer

5-9 horses: $17.45 per wormer

10+ horses: $16.95 per wormer

Programs with 2+ horses are delivered post-free.

In addition 50c from each and every wormer is donated to the charity of your choice from our four charity partners.  Another first in the wormer game. Its about time we started to give back.

Finally you are only a couple of clicks away from having worm control sorted - no need to think about worming again! At the same time you'll be saving time, money, improving the effectiveness of your worm control and helping to halt the rate of resistance to our current wormers.

Its a no-brainer, really.

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