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should i worm in november?

strategies to reduce horse worm burden in november

Paddock Management

Manure picked up twice weekly, planning for spelling and paddock rotation

Horse Husbandry

Horses fed off the ground in feed bins including hay. New horses wormed.


Recommended to worm all horses at this time*. Consider rotational strategies.  


EasyWormer has developed a number of horse worming programs to take the hassle and hard work out of getting worming right.
Programs are subscription based - we take care of timing, delivery to your door for FREE**, sort out wormer rotation, and help you use less wormers through paddock & husbandry education and evidence-based Fecal Egg Count worming options. 
Basically - we want you to get back to doing what you love - because that's what it should be about! 

* Source: NSW Department of Primary Industries Horse Worm Control - General Principles 2017
** Two or more wormers are delivered FREE!